ATT – Attendance Management System

Employee attendance system helps you to track, store and manage the ongoing operations on a real-time basis. The system supports in automating the salary process. The purpose of attendance monitoring system is to assist the human resource department to keep track of employees’ in and out details. HR tools also support various other functionalities such as generation of real-time reports, leave management, shift management and overtime management. So, no more incorrect-punches and time entries! All the attendance records of employees are available in just a few clicks and this data is useful and necessary for error-free salary processing. Also, it helps to save time, track accurate attendance records and decrease administrative work. So, from now, say “NO” to old practices and let your employees mark attendance online.



Feature List

  • Simplify Attendance Tracking With Our Online Attendance System
  • Any Device can be easily accessed.
  • Roaster and Work-shifts no more a burden
  • Timely attendance updates and error free payroll leads to happier workforce
  • Intelligent reports
  • Sit back and enjoy the auto-calculation of worked and OT (overtime) hours
  • It helps you modify shift details easily with notifications for employees

User Guide